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The Festival of the Golden Stool


-IT'S SPECTACULAR: The Festival of the Golden Stool is a massive spectacle held in Kumasi, Ghana to celebrate the Asante Kingdom, the King of the Asante and the Ashanti people.

-THERE'S MAGIC: The Festival dates to 1700 when legend holds that the Golden Stool magically descended from the sky to land on the lap of the first Asante King, Osei Tutu, and unify the Asante Kingdom.

-AND SECRETS: The Golden Stool itself is kept in a secret hiding place known only to the King and brought out every 5 years to be seen by the people at an extra special the Festival of the Golden Stool.

-AND SO MUCH KENTE CLOTH: Participants travel from all over the Asante Kingdom come to participate and regional chiefs, tribes and groups bust out their best Kente cloth in a riotous fashion extravaganza!

I happened to be in Kumasi for the five year celebration and, while I missed seeng the Golden Stool, I did get to take in all the beauty, color and pride of the Asante Kingdom! Bringing together the many Ashanti people spread throughout Ghana in celebration, dance and feast, this is one party that should not be missed!

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