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Five Minute Festive: Personalized Ornaments

Every year I pick out ornaments for everyone who is going to be at my house Christmas morning. There is always some kind of theme and they are usually personalized to each guest. For the past few years, in a bid for expediency in completing my pre-Christmas "to-do" list, I've kept it pretty simple with ornaments from Target that I chose to suit each person. Last year my Mom, Nana, sister, husband and I we were all bundled up with skis, hats and scarves with the "Winter Snow Kids" ornaments but this year...the Forneret Family Ornaments are headed to the beach with seasonally inappropriate swimwear and personalized towels!

I used some leftover lightweight canvas fabric to make the towels and wrote the names with a fine-tipped Sharpie. My plan is to have everyone "decorate" their towels with permanent markers as part of our Christmas Eve activities!

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