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Kitchen Challenge Part 2: Demolition!

About a week ago, I woke up to a call from the back gate. After hastily throwing on some clothes, I went out to let in our construction team. Jesus, our contractor, arrived with with a co-worker and immediately got to work tearing out the countertops, sink and walls. By the time I popped my head back into the kitchen, the ceiling was gone as well! To say I wasn't quite prepared for a full-on demolition is an understatement. Dust managed to infiltrated every corner of the house. The entire contents of my cabinets were now on the freezing-cold back porch, also covered in dust, And I suddenly had to contend with a sick dog who needed special food cooked twice a day!

But, I was on my way to a new kitchen! And, in the midst of demolition, I found a few surprises. A hidden window that I had never noticed from the outside of the building was discovered behind some drywall.

This window had been in the former pantry and had been covered over when the pantry was removed. Although a third window added some needed brightness, I decided not to keep it, opting to wall back over it and hang floating shelves instead. I also discovered a giant bird's nest up in the far corner of the kitchen. Although it appeared to be long abandoned, it was fun to imagine a bird family warm and cozy tucked away up there through long Chicago winters!


UP NEXT: Designing my dream kitchen!

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