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Aperol Spritz-The Drink of the Summer

I spent the end of last summer in Sorrento on the lido of the Grand Hotel Riviera soaking up the sunshine, salt air and unique chiaroscuro of the Italian louche life. All the hazy days floated by on cerulean blues punctuated by shockingly bright splashes of electric orange curtesy of the Aperol Spritz. The Spritz may not bet the official drink of Italy, but consuming them in vast quantities throughout the Summer months is certainly a national pastime. Returning to Chicago, the Spritz became the power-player of cocktail parties, the perfect start to a family dinner and, as winter tightened its grip, the perfect distillation of a Summer long gone but well-spent. The low alcohol, the tickling effervescence, the simple ingredients and the screaming bright color will just about guarantee a fabulous party every time...even if the party is a party of one and your party clothes are also your pajamas! So pop open a bottle of Prosecco, dig that Aperol out from the back of your liquor cabinet and treat your guests or yourself to a taste of La Dolce Vita.


Have glasses at the ready filled with 4 oz of Aperol and garnished with an orange slice

When guests arrive, let them top off their own drinks with 4 oz Prosecco, a splash of soda water and ice!

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